De-badging the VX Some people ask me, why on earth would I take the logo off the back of my VX? Well, I can only say, BECAUSE!! The logo didn't look bad, I just happen to like the smooth look that the truck has with out it. It also lends more to the mystique of the vehicle. The logo is an applique so, removal causes no damage. Each letter comes off with a little effort. I chose to use no tools other than my finger nail to get the process started. After pulling and tugging, what adhesive that was left over was easily taken off by using a quality "Bug & Tar" remover. Some recommend "Goo Gone", you choose. Talking with others that have taken their "badging" off, there is no report of color change or fading, save the black hood insert on the "Ironman Edition". It has been reported that there was a light shadow of the letters left. Obviously, the earlier you take the "badging" off, the better. After you take off what you want off, wax the area(s). While you are at it, wax the whole truck! I'm sure the little beast deserves it!