Already touted by automotive experts and the press as leading the SUV future, Isuzu's newest model best represents the company's sport-utility focus -- and imagination.

Created to broaden the international SUV horizon, VehiCROSS is the progeny of over 80 years of truck-building expertise and dedication to the SUV segment. Conceived as a high-performance, high-style and limited-production model, the Isuzu VehiCROSS is finished by hand at Isuzu's Fujisawa facility in Japan. The combination of leading edge engineering technologies, innovative ceramic die application and final assembly by skilled workmen harkens to auto-manufacturing's past. A time when high-performance and luxury vehicles were assembled to order by the very best technicians, stylists and mechanics, using the most modern techniques and materials, enhanced by the human touch and spirit.

For Isuzu and VehiCROSS the melding of human and automated assembly results in high-performance handling and truly impressive power. VehiCROSS is truly a one-of-a-kind SUV.

Unlike Isuzu's volume SUV models, an estimated two hundred VehiCROSS units per month will be available starting in 1999.