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08/21/02 is back up! Hosted by Moncha Designs
06/30/02 Offline due to contractual differences with host
03/16/02 Added Wallet Commercial to downloads section
02/13/02 Added Events Section  Keep Track Of Upcoming and Past Isuzu Fun!
02/12/02 Removed Moncha Chat  Can't compete with IM 
09/11/01 Tragedy in New York City! 
07/13/01 Moncha VehiCROSS Gets It's 5000th Visitor! You Guys Are Great!
04/07/01 Upgraded Chat Page  Now Using Chat Box With More User Friendly Options!
02/23/01 Our 2000th Visitor!  WHOO HOO!!! Couldn't Do It Without You!
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12/28/00 Moncha VehiCROSS Has It's 1000th Visitor!  Thank You For Your Support
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Our Open VX Forum Has Been Moved To A Registration Based Forum. Come Join Us!
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