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 VehiCROSS Concept Drawings 
A Special Thanks Goes Out To ISUZU For Creating Such An Awesome Little Vehicle...

Visit Other VehiCROSS Sites... Keep In Touch With Other VXer's... Other 4X4 Related Stuff... See What Other Have To Say About The VehiCROSS...
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                 OTHER VehiCROSS SITES
Visit Tone Monday's site, it has lots of great info. He's got guts!  

Ron's new custom aftermarket parts site. Awesome!

Todd is ready for Moab! Great 3" lift.  

Small site but awesome video. Saint should make commercials!

Here is another dedicated VX owner's page.  

Proton Yellow VX gallery. Cool Shaving system too.

Site dedicated to the VX. Should be up and running soon.  

Cyrk's photo album of his black VX

Great Stereo set and pictures  

Lots of different stuff on Dave's site, pictures, movies and more!

Japanese VX Site.  

Nice VX site from Japan, has lots of mod ideas!

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A new premier site featuring forums, chat and free photo hosting for members  

General ISUZU forum with lots of info for 4 wheelin'.

Keep in touch with other VX owners. Share tips, help and stories.  

Isuzu SUV Tech forum. Great site for the Technical help.

Open forum (Being phased out but, still serves as a great archive.)  

New Isuzu forum with general info.

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Dedicated to offroading Your ISUZU with lots of Good information.  

Anyone want to go racing? Keep up with how the VX and other ISUZUs are doing.

Paisan's Isuzu site. Lot's of Isuzu Information here!  

Great site keep you updated on ISUZU activities, meets and other stuff.

Great ISUZU site in Germany.    
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Ron's new custom after-market parts site. Awesome!

Good replacement if you don't like the traditional "Front End Mask".Upgrade your OEM lights. Can't buy here but, you can look.Info on upgrading your lights on your VX.
Good source for weather protection accessories! Made by the same company that makes the VX Stereo.More info for upgrading your lighting.
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Keep track of Technical Service Bulletins (TSB's) for the VX.  

Want to change out your tires? Use this calculator to help pick the right size.

Keep up with the Rally Cross events where the VX KICKS BUTT!  


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ISUZU's VX Screen-Saver - 1.46MB
Wallet VX Commercial - 2.2MB
Get Quicktime Here
Collection of VehiCROSS Icons I made Featuring VX's in all colors - 125k

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